Healthcare for Females

Important Health Care Tips for Females

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Q. Do you feel Indian women tend to neglect their health?

We Indian women have been brought up with the thought process that family comes first and she is supposed to take care of all the family members first even if she is slightly unwell. As a result many times the woman of the house keeps ignoring her own health needs.

In today’s difficult times full of so many professional and financial challenges most of the women are also working woman. At the same time she continues to take care of all the needs of the family. All the more reason to take care of her health.

Q. Is the lack of education and awareness only the reasons for women's poor health in India?

This applies very much to rural India.
But in urban India also we see not so good health of women. The Indian man is also somewhat brought up with the thought process that their women are supposed to take care of them and they are expected to give financial help. As a result again the woman of the urban house is burdened with household work and bringing up of her children leaving behind her own health care.

Q. How effective is proper diet and exercise in women's health?

These two along with enough hours of sleep is the basis of good health. A balanced nutritious diet having the required protein, minerals and vitamins is very important. Although taking care of the household gives some exercise but having a separate exercise schedule of 49-45 minutes is also necessary for good health.

Q. What is the role of supplements and nutrients in women's health?

Supplements and nutrients are important fir everyone. But more so for growing children and women.
A women looses blood in every menstrual cycle so she needs more iron and protein to maintain her haemoglobin. During a pregnancy her body needs more calcium, vitamin D, iron, folic acid and protein. Even after delivery during lactation her body needs more protein, iron, vitamin D, minerals and calcium.

Q. Women in India show a bit of resistance to supplements. Do you agree with the statement?

I feel not only woman but Indian men also show a bit of resistance here.

Q. Is there an age when women should take supplements?

From puberty till menopause she needs Iron, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Later from post menopausal age she needs more calcium, vitamin D, protein, minerals and other vitamins. So the women needs supplements throughout her life starting from teenage.

Q. What are your advice to young girl students and those entering jobs. What should they avoid and include in their diet?

The young girls should lead a healthy lifestyle consisting of balanced and nutritious meals, a daily exercise regime and proper sleep. Junk food should be minimal, maybe once a week. No smoking. Avoid alcohol which maybe limited to only social drinking once or twice a month. Avoid late nights. These days young woman don’t bother to follow a good lifestyle so the problem of PCOD is seen very commonly leading to weight gain, acne, hair loss, menstrual problems and infertility.

Q. How critical is an exercise for women's health? In your experience, what has been the feedback from women patients?

Exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle. Working women may be spending a lot of time in her office sitting on her desk or meeting rooms. This is very unhealthy and so she must maintain a exercise schedule for herself for at least five days in a week which must include walking, running and floor exercises. Otherwise she will keep on having pains and aches due to various muscular and bone joint problems.

Q. What awareness system needs to be brought in highlights women's health?

These days most of the labs and medical centres have preventive health care packages. These include blood tests, urine tests, xray, Ultrsound and also PAP smear, mammography and bone scan for woman above thirty-five...forty...forty five years. You don’t need to wait to get a signal of some illness to go for these tests. These packages are meant to be taken once in every one or two years to scan your health. Most hospitals also include a visit with a physician, dentist and dermatologist and a cardiologist in case of the elderly.

So take care of your health because a healthy body can take of the family even better!!

Q. How is women's health critical for the country's economic growth?

A healthy woman will have a healthy pregnancy and will give birth to healthier babies. She will be able to bring them up as healthy adults who will be able to perform better in their jobs.
A working woman if healthy will be able to perform her job better as compared to someone who is weak.

If a country has healthy woman they will thus help in giving better manpower or lets say womanpower!!

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