Management of Pregnancy

Complete care of your pregnancy starting with pre-pregnancy consultation and guidance, total ante-natal (during pregnancy) care and finally delivery both Vaginal and Caesarean. And finally post pregnancy guidance and contraceptive advice including intra-uterine device (like copper-T, multiload) insertion and tubal sterilization both Laparoscopic and mini-lap.

These days its a culture to take Gynaecologist in Delhi opinion before planning pregnancy. This is called pre-conception advice. All blood and urine tests are done which may affect the pregnancy if found abnormal. So there is time to treat the cause before the conception. This helps in healthier pregnancies with lesser complications.

During pregnancy some other tests are done to rule out any genetic or developmental abnormalities in the foetus (baby to be born). Regular checkups are done during the whole pregnancy with guidance to encourage a normal delivery.


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