High Risk Pregnancy Care

Care during pregnancy associated with Thyroid problems, High blood pressure, Diabetes, multiple pregnancy (Twin pregnancy, Triplet Pregnancy) and also when pregnant at an age more than 35 years. These ladies need extra care to ensure delivery of a healthy Baby along with good health of the mother.

One may fall in the category of high risk pregnancy for various reasons. It may due to advanced age of more than 35 years, or the blood group may be Rh-Negative, or it may be a twin pregnancy. Other reasons may be if the women is known Diabetic or Hypertensive before getting pregnant. Another group of woman is of those who have a history of repeated abortions.

A woman may also come into this group if she develops high BP or deranged blood sugars during pregnancy. High risk pregnancy requires frequent checkups and more investigations compared to a normal pregnancy. The antenatal care should be taken at an advanced centre having technically good delivery rooms and a well established Neonatal intensive care unit. The guidance and pregnancy care should be taken under a well experienced Gynaecologist Doctor in South Delhi.


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