Weight loss post pregnancy

Weight Loss Post Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a lady gains about 9-12 kg weight. Loosing the extra gained weight is very important for her mental and physical health. If the lady remains overweight she can suffer from Diabetes or high blood pressure later on in life. Post-delivery she looses 3-5 kg immediately. It is important to try to reduce the


These days the menstrual problems have become a very common issue with all age group women. To some extent, it is due to a not too good lifestyle which includes insufficient sleep and unhealthy eating habits along with increasing mental stress, especially in working women. Also, smoking is a contributing factor. Some medical problems like

Dizziness During Pregnancy

The main cause of dizziness in pregnancy is due to the rising hormones that cause your blood vessels to relax and widen. This helps increase the blood flow to your baby, but it slows the return of the blood in the veins to you. This causes your blood pressure to be lower than usual, which

PCOD Problem Solutions

Pcod is Quite Common

Are you having delayed menstrual cycles along with/without an abnormal bleeding pattern (premenstrual spotting or scanty menstrual bleeding) it could be due to polycystic ovarian disorder or PCOD? It is many times associated with weight gain and/or increased facial hair and /or acne. Many times there is the only acne not responding to any treatment

Pre-Marriage Advice for Females

Are you getting married and need some advice on contraception. You don’t need the best gynaecologist in Delhi to help you, Go to the nearest hospital and see a Gynecologist. Tell her about your menstrual cycle and she will guide you about the oral pills and emergency contraception or any other method suitable for you. If

menstrual disorders treatment

If your monthly menstrual cycle is not normal and you ignore it you could be ignoring a bigger thing behind it and just a visit to a gynecologist in Delhi /gynecologist in such a situation could help you. Firstly you must know that if you are bleeding for more than 5-6 days or passing clots

High risk pregnancy group

If you miss your menses date by more than a week, the first thing to check should be pregnancy, do a home test. You get many types of pregnancy checking kits in chemist shops. Buy one and check with the first urine early morning. If positive see a Gynecologist (obstetrician in delhi) at the earliest. If

Dr. Anita Gupta Gynecologist

Are you looking for the right gynaecologist in Delhi it may take some time? To find the Best of something is not very easy but it is not so difficult also. Try to find someone with whom you feel you can be comfortable with, and with whom you can talk frankly as many times you

Laparoscopic Surgery in Delhi

These days if you have any problem related to your uterus or ovaries and surgery is suggested by your Gynaecologist then in many cases, you do not need open surgery. Most surgeries can be done by the laparoscopic method in which recovery is much better as compared to open surgery. Similarly in many cases when getting

Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise is very important during pregnancy unless you have been advised bed rest or to avoid exercise by your Obstetrician in Delhi. Walking is a good exercise for anyone. Aerobics is a good way to keep your heart and lungs strong. If you were a runner before you became pregnant, you often can keep running

Taking Pills for Abortion

Abortion in Early Pregnancy

These days pills are available for abortion in all chemist shops. In some places, they are sold even without a doctor’s prescription, which can be very dangerous in some medical situations. If you are getting a positive pregnancy test kindly visit a gynaecologist. She will give the best advice if you are a suitable candidate