Postmenopausal Bleeding

We call it Menopause when a woman is in her late 40s or early 50s and she has not had any menses for more than a year.

If you get bleeding through vagina after attaining menopause then it is called post menopausal bleeding. If you experience any such bleeding even it is just spotting you must visit a gynaecologist. There are many causes for this type of bleeding and to find out the reason an internal checkup along with a PAP smear and a pelvic ultrasound will be needed.

The cause for this bleeding may be something as simple as a dry vagina with a thin mucosa or some raw area on the mouth of the uterus which we call cervix and this will need some ointment to be applied locally.
Then there may be some non cancerous small tumours called Polyp for which some minor surgery may be required. But sometimes the cause can be a cancer and thats why its very important to get yourself checked.
Otherwise also if there is no abnormal bleeding or discharge per vaginally then also one must go for a yearly health checkup which includes a gynae examination along with ultrasound pelvis and PAP smear.

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